Thomas Juliano

Thomas Juliano

Thomas Juliano is a highly reputable and passionate First Party Property Insurance Attorney with over a decade of professional legal experience. Throughout his career, he built a respected name for himself through his dedication to helping homeowners receive the top-quality, personalized representation they deserve. 

Growing up, Thomas always knew he wanted to become an advocate someday. He admired the concept of being able to support others during challenging times, building strong relationships, and making the world a better place by encouraging others to stand up for their rights. This rooted ambition led him to earn a Finance degree from the University of Florida in 2004 and a Law Degree from Florida International University in 2010. Thomas began his legal career defending insurance companies against lawsuits brought by homeowners seeking benefits under their insurance policies. However, since 2013, he has exclusively advocated for homeowners against wrongfully denied and underpaid property damage insurance claims. Overall, he has a genuine passion for his career and helping others obtain justice. Furthermore, Thomas knows how stressful it can be for homeowners to stand up to the insurance companies so he commits himself to delivering complete and transparent details, compassionate support, and personal mentoring guidance so every one of his clients feels confident in their position every step of the way. 

Thomas dedicates himself to discovering any and all favorable facts and evidence as well as exposing hidden information to put his clients in a position for success. In the end, between his history of success, unique insight of insurance company defense strategies, and dedication to putting his client first, you can be assured you will receive a clear understanding of your rights along with the best possible result under your insurance policy. 

Thomas enjoys what he does and continues to seek ways to raise the First Party Property Insurance bar. When he is off the clock, Thomas is usually staying physically fit, listening to live music, trying new restaurants and traveling to become culturally enriched. 


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